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Hi, I'm Glenn, the Lead Product Designer on the Search team at Salesforce in San Francisco, CA.

This is some of my most recent work.

Lightning Search

Search in Lightning empowers people to quickly and correctly find the records and apps they need to get work done in Salesforce.

Salesforce Login

Trust is the first priority for Salesforce, and when you log in we want the experience to be friendly, efficient and helpful.

Signal Desktop

The Signal desktop client is a Chrome app that allows users to chat on their personal computers with the Signal contacts on their phones. Signal is developed by and offers privacy and security through encrypted texting and phone calls.


Salesforce Authenticator makes it easy to keep your data secure. Authenticator uses contextual authentication and location-based automation to make two-factor more powerful and easier on the user.

App Launcher

The App Launcher connects users to the apps they need to work. Users can access their apps globally and can drag and drop apps into their preferred order.

Salesforce1 Search

Search on Salesforce1 helps customers find the data they need before that big meeting, when working in the field, or when on the go.


Zinio makes global journalism accessible to everyone with an internet connection. I was their mobile designer and worked on smartphone and tablet apps for iOS, Android, Windows and RIM.

Hi, I'm Glenn

Thanks for stopping by. I'm the Lead Product Designer on the Search team at Salesforce, working on Lightning, Salesforce1, Communities and Console products. I work with product managers, front and backend engineers, user researchers, data scientists, QA's and more to deliver an efficient, beautiful and consistent search experience across Salesforce products.

I've previously lead the UX for the Authentication & Identity teams where I redesigned the Salesforce login page & login flows and Salesforce Authenticator on iOS, Apple Watch, Android and Android Wear. Among many fun and interesting projects, I helped to remove two-factor codes and passwords from our customer's login experiences, making strong security easy.

I'm a graduate of Virginia Tech and a former US Marine. I love working with people, thinking big and setting ambitious goals.


Do you have an idea for a product or want to know more about anything in my portfolio? Get in touch with me using the form below or send an email to (brownie points for using PGP). Thanks for visiting!


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